• The printer is very slow.

Some printers print slowly to generate high-quality prints, particularly for colorful papers, whereas others print quickly but with poor quality. Change the quality in the printer settings if you frequently use your printer and would want it to be faster.

  • Prints have faded colors.

The ink or toner cartridge has an impact on the print quality in addition to the printer. While laser printers use powder, inkjet printers use liquid. Both dye-based and pigment-based ink cartridges are available. Your ink may have dried out and need to be refilled if your prints have faded colors.

  • Blank sheet of paper appears every time document is printed

The printer configuration or printer driver problem is the cause of the additional sheet of paper being produced. In most cases, this is a result of the printer settings. To identify the papers and their owner, each reprint comes with an additional sheet. This blank paper are referred as ‘Separator pages’. This option is typically used in offices with heavy printing workloads and several users of the same printer.

  • Only half page are printed

Try unplugging the printer and restarting the computer and printer if the printer produces just half a page with the other half being blank. Try running the self-test page after that. If the issue persists, the toner, the roller, or the printer itself may be to blame. The issues should be described in the error messages. Try to seek out expert assistance if necessary.

  • Prints are light in color

The print head is clogged, causing this issue. When the printer is not used for a few months, it frequently develops this problem, leading to dry ink and clogged cartridges. To prevent the ink from drying out, it’s crucial to sometimes run the printer’s utility application.

  • Paper keeps jamming

Most common cause is because paper misalignment. Avoid overfilling papers in the paper tray and insert the papers properly in the tray. If it still doesn’t work, it maybe from the broken or misaligned rollers that take paper inside the printer to the paper feeder. Replacing these rollers should solve this issue.

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