The office uses a lot of paper. Even while recycling is a wonderful idea, there are alternative options. Typical offices reduces its con sumption of paper on a daily basis and prove to be cost-effective strategy.

  1. Reuse the unwanted papers

Unwanted paper is often tossed in the trash. Most of the unnecessary paper comes from office mistakes with printing. Instead throwing those papers, use those unwanted papers for packing shipment or print unimportant documents.

  1. Print Double Sided

By using the both side of the paper, you can cut the paper consumption by half. If before this need to use 10 piece of paper to print 10 pages of document, now you can only use 5 pieces of paper. It is an easy step to do, just turn the reverse order and insert it into the printer.

  1. Print in draft mode

Print in draft mode will save ink because the saturation and the quality of ink is reduced. The shade of the print is light but still comfortable for a person to read what is printed on the paper. The functions commonly found at the old printer.

  1. Avoid making colored printouts

Colored documents are more favorable than black & white documents. However, for those documents that are for personal use, it should be just black & white. Only those documents that are needed to present will be prints in color. This can save the ink usage.

  1. Buy Recycle Paper and Inks

Purchasing recycled paper can result in significant financial savings as it is more cost-effective than buying new ones. Recycled paper may be used safely. Additionally, you may purchase recycled toner and inkjet cartridges. There are several options for refilled and recycled cartridges on the market. Cartridges and ink that have already been used can both be recycled.

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