Printing a photo can be a mess if you choosing a wrong type of paper. It is better to print your photos at professional print labs since they are more expert. But if you decide to print at home, there are a few things that you need to know.

What type of paper should be use?

  1. Gloss and semi-gloss paper

The glossy paper provides the appearance that the colors are vibrant. This is a perfect paper if you simply want to exhibit the printed item to your close friends or relatives. Glossy paper produces reflections and shine that might obstruct the image. Before printing a picture, you must understand how the lightning affected it. Avoid using glossy paper if the photo has a black color and strong shadows. Glossy paper is a fantastic choice if your image has a vibrant backdrop and is filled with color. Glossy paper is not a good option if the photo is intended for exhibition since it will reflect glare from the glass and the photographs.

  1. Matte paper

Hot-pressed fibre is used to create matte paper. Since it lacks a lustrous coating, it has no reflection. In addition to making black appear darker, it also brings out the texture and features of black-and-white photographs. There is a variation that is thick and bumpy that makes your photographs look like paintings.

  1. Canvas

For individuals who want to print large or frame their work, canvas is a good option. The quality of a canvas print is comparable to that of a matte paper finish, maintaining contrast and color. When viewed from a distance, the colors appear to be much brighter. Canvas paper might weigh more than other types of paper because it is designed for inkjet printers.

  1. Art paper

Baryta, lustre, and matte versions of art paper are available. The texture on art paper gives it a matte look. This kind of paper is suitable for landscapes since they typically have substantial swaths of flat colors.

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