November 2022

My Printer Is Spooling Then Deleting

crisp output, but in the computer-controlled world, there is much more to it than simply pressing “Print.” Your troubleshooting steps begin with your hardware when files enter the print-management queue on your computer and disappear without even a single page of the job appearing in the printer’s output tray. Your application files should also be …

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My Printer’s Prints Are Blurry

The second most frustrating type of printer, right after one that won’t print, is one that’s content to spit out hazy pages. You’ve checked your file, printed it twice, with the same unsatisfactory results, and you’ve noticed that you don’t have much time left. Low resolution sources and different paper textures are two potential causes. …

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My Printer Is Printing Stripes

Desktop printers have intricate arrangements of both consumable parts and moving elements that need to be replaced on a regular basis. You waste paper and supplies while waiting for the issue to be identified when your workplace printer prints pages with striped patterns across or along the sheets. The types of output faults you encounter …

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