January 2022

How To Keep The Colors Consistency Of Print Jobs

On the surface, slightly differing colors between print jobs may not seem like the end of the world. While it’s certainly not an emergency situation, varying colors can damage your product’s professional image. These issues can make your documents look sloppy and inconsistent, creating a less than ideal reading experience afterward. Maintaining print color consistency …

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Types Of Printer Paper

The number of different types of available printer paper can be a bit surprising. Who would have expected the size, quality, and color of a simple sheet of paper to make such a difference? While it may not seem too important, the business world recognizes different types of paper as more “professional” than others in …

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Paper or Digital Documents?

Most offices use a combination of physical and digital documents for everyday work. Since clients and colleagues likely use a similar system themselves, switching entirely to physical or digital storage could make future collaborations difficult. This balancing act of digital vs physical storage, especially when it comes to documents, can become challenging for some offices. …

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The Part Of Color In Printed Design

Our eyes are naturally drawn to color. A bright array of colors or even a single attention-grabbing hue are far more likely to pique someone’s interest than a simple black and white picture. While these principles are obviously important to artists, business owners should also take the time to consider how they use colors in …

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