When a Laser Printer Is Short on Memory, What Is a Possible Symptom for This Problem?

Your diligent effort in creating presentations and other papers for your company may produce complicated, multi-page files that demand a sizable amount of printer memory to correctly process. If the job requires more processing power than your hardware can handle, you can experience issues ranging from faulty prints to total output failure. By focusing on the typical signs of hardware with insufficient memory, you can streamline the troubleshooting process.


Error Messages

Memory-related issues typically result in an on-screen or printed error message containing terms such as “vmerror” or “limitcheck”; alternatively, a PostScript laser printer configured to report errors may spit out pages of PostScript code, which resembles a cross between English and programming language. If your print job cannot be completed, on-screen messages may be displayed by printers without built-in or external PostScript processors.


Partial Printouts

Your laser printer might print as much as it can before stopping when it runs out of memory if you send it a job that is too large for it to finish. In an otherwise incomplete document, this may result in partial pages or content that spans multiple pages. Because only a portion of a complex graphic appears on paper, you might be able to pinpoint the specific component that’s to blame for the out-of-memory issue. The printer may receive the entire data set containing the original, high-resolution images in a page layout that includes numerous bitmaps that you are replicating at small fractions of their actual size, but stop printing just before printing the largest image in the document.


Flushed or Stuck Print Job

Sometimes, print jobs appear in the output projects list, disappear, and never print out on paper as a result of printer memory issues. These issues can also result in projects that are in the queue that never finish or get removed from the list of open jobs. The jobs you flush out of the print queue won’t finish until you fix the issue that caused the interruption, but you can delete or purge items that sit around and never print.


Strategies and Considerations

You can take immediate or long-term action to print your document if your printer is memory-constrained. It might be possible for you to finish your assignment if you print a complicated multi-page document in pieces. Likewise, by altering memory-related printing settings, you might be able to devote extra memory to your task.

The printing process might be made simpler by linking graphics rather than embedding them. In a project that employs them at a smaller size, making an at-size, scaled-down version of each huge bitmap reduces the amount of data that the printer must handle. You might be able to lighten the load of large images without pre-processing them in an image-editing programme if your application offers the option to send optimized down-sampled data directly to the printer.

Wait for the other print job to finish if the printer is running out of memory because it is preoccupied with it, or interrupt it if your new print job is more important. Last but not least, if your printer accepts user-installed upgrades, you might want to think about increasing the amount of RAM installed if you frequently print documents that strain its memory.

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