What is photoreceptor drum in Photocopier?

A photoreceptor drum, also known as a photoconductor or imaging drum, is a key component in a photocopier or laser printer that is responsible for transferring toner onto paper to create an image. It is a cylindrical drum that is coated with a photoconductive material, such as selenium or organic photoconductors.

The photoreceptor drum is charged with a static electric charge by a corona wire or other charging mechanism. As the drum rotates, a laser beam or other light source is used to selectively discharge the charge in certain areas, creating an electrostatic image of the document to be copied or printed.

Next, toner particles, which are made up of pigment and plastic resin, are attracted to the areas of the drum where the charge has been neutralized. The toner particles are transferred from the drum to the paper by applying heat and pressure, using a fuser assembly, which melts the plastic resin in the toner to bond it to the paper.

The photoreceptor drum is a delicate component that can be easily damaged by exposure to light, heat, or physical contact. Proper maintenance, including regular cleaning and replacement of the drum when necessary, is essential to ensure the high-quality performance and longevity of a photocopier or laser printer.

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