My Printer Is Not Printing Certain Lines & Dots

For important documents and presentations, your organization depends on its output gear, so errors in your printed materials result in wasted ink, toner, and paper, not to mention time spent away from business responsibilities repairing the equipment. Some errors result in extra lines and marks on the page, while others leave blank spaces where text or graphics should be printed. Start your investigation with your printing supplies and printing path if your pages display text characters with missing letterforms or other output flaws.


Clogged inkjet printer cartridges can result in output flaws like text voids within lines of text. These issues frequently manifest themselves after your hardware has been idle for a while, which might lead to ink drying off. Use the printhead cleaning procedure, which is accessible via the control software you installed on your computer when you first set up the printer, to fix this. Some gadgets offer both light and thorough cleaning modes. You might need to run more than one cycle to clear the clog if it is severe. Expect your usable levels to decrease once you complete your cleaning sequence because these procedures use ink.

Printhead Alignment

Gaps in the output from incorrect ink application may be visible when inkjet printheads are out of alignment. You use your printer’s built-in alignment procedure to fix printhead issues, just as you use cleaning cycles to clear clogs. To finish the alignment process, you might need to print a test page, choose the best output sample from each batch of output samples, and enter the appropriate sample numbers.

Laser Cartridges

When the drum that images each page is scratched, laser printers may produce stray lines on their output. While other hardware designs use separate consumables for toner and drum, certain laser printers include the drum into the toner cartridge. Void spaces in printed output can also be caused by defective cartridges. Swap out your toner cartridge or cartridges to rule them out as the source of your output faults before you start troubleshooting hardware components like the fuser that fuses toner onto paper.

Dirty LEDs

A bank of LEDs instead of a laser serves as the output method’s light source in LED printers, which function very similarly to other toner-based printers in terms of how they picture pages. The output suffers if the LEDs are covered with paper dust, stray toner, or other contaminants because the printer cannot apply toner where it should be to produce the page information that is displayed in your document. Wipe the printheads on your hardware with a lint-free, clean cloth to make it seem nicer.

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