How to Use a Photocopy Machine Step by Step

Have your recently bought a brand new photocopier and wondering how to start making use of it? You have come to the right place.

A photocopy machine is key to everyday operations of any office. Knowing how to run the photocopier well will help keep the machine running efficiently for a long time. Here is a step by step guide on how to use a photocopy machine.

Turning on the photocopier

The first step you need to take in using the photocopier is to make sure that the copier’s cord is plugged into a nearby power outlet. Then you press the button to switch the machine on. The power button for most photocopiers is located on top, but in some cases the switch button may be on the side. If you switch on the button and the machine does not respond, it may be in “sleep” mode. Try to press the “copy” button to see if it responds to that.
Before you move to the next step, make sure that the copier has paper in it. The paper tray is usually found either on the front or the side of the machine. If the tray is empty or there is not enough paper, add more paper.

Place your document on the copier

The next step is to lift the cover of the photocopier and place your document on the glass surface of the copier. The document should be placed facing downward. Make sure you follow the guide marks on the glass to correctly position the document. After placing the document, close the copier cover.

Select the number of copies needed

The next step is to select the number of copies that you require. The machine has a digital number display and a set of plus and minus keys that you can use to change the number of copies. Some photocopier models use numeric keys for the same function.

Selecting the colour preference

Now, choose whether you want colour copies or black and white ones. There is a button that is designated for this option. Press the button to make the necessary changes.

Select paper size

Once you have made your colour preference, select the correct paper size, which for standard A4 paper should be 8.5 x 11 inches.

Press the copy button

Then press the “copy” button and your copies will start printing

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