How to Maintain a Photocopy Machine

A photocopy machine needs thorough cleaning and inspection on a daily basis as well as a complete internal cleaning at least once per year. This will help increase the shelf life of the machine and reduce service call costs. Keeping your machine clean can also prevent paper jams from occurring. Here are four routine maintenance steps that you can follow for your copy machine.

Cleaning the glass
Regularly clean the glass surface of the machine and rollers to ensure that the machine is free from moisture. Cleaning also keeps the glass free of microscopic abrasives and dust build-up. You can clean using a non-abrasive cloth which has been slightly dampened with glass cleaner or you can also use any special spray that came with the copier.

Removal of dust
Dust can damage a functional copier. Photocopy machines are usually situated in areas without good ventilation, so dust tends to accumulate on them. A dry paintbrush can be used to wipe away the dust in all the crevices and around the ink cartridge. For the larger portions of the copy machine, a dry dust cloth will do the job. If your ink cartridge has too much dirt, you can use a slightly wet cotton swab to gently remove the dust and debris.

Toner replacement
If you are making hundreds of copies in a short space of time, you probably need to change your toner cartridge regularly. Otherwise, you may need to install a new toner even before the old one runs out of ink. The reason being that the old toner can coagulate when exposed to air, causing the old ink on the cartridge head to become dry or sticky. Make sure you use genuine toner and parts that are suitable for your machine, otherwise your service calls and spare parts usage will increase while your print quality is decreasing.

Use of quality paper
Choosing the right paper is also necessary to maintain your photocopy machine. The higher the quality of paper you use, the less likely it is to produce clogging dust and debris on the machine. Make sure the paper that is placed into the copy machine is dry and has not been exposed to any moisture. Constantly check the paper tray as well to ensure the paper is loaded correctly, to prevent paper jams.

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