How to choose the right MFP

Things to consider when choosing an MFP

It is critical to select the best MFP for your business – one that meets your needs, integrates well with existing systems, and saves you time and money in the long run. Here are a few things to think about:


1. Your business printing needs
These are some of the questions that can help you assess your business printing needs:

Would you print colour or black and white documents?
How much printing does your company do?
What print quality do you require?
How many users do you have and what are the connectivity requirements in your office?
Once you have a clearer picture of your printing requirements, it would be easier for you to determine the MFP functionalities that would work well for the business.

2. Long-term printing expenses
When selecting an MFP, consider the total cost of ownership. This includes not only the purchase price, but also the long-term costs associated with your printer, such as consumables, maintenance, and repair.

If you need assistance calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your devices or advice on how to significantly reduce ongoing costs over the life of your printers, please contact a Kyocera representative near you. We recommend evaluating your MFP based on more than just the purchase price, taking into account that printer costs can be two to three times the initial investment.

3. Environmental impact
Is the multifunction printer environmentally friendly? Consider brands that support carbon footprint reduction in the manufacturing, distribution, maintenance, and disposal/recycling of MFP devices. Energy efficiency is as important as printing speed and quality. An energy-efficient device is good for the environment while also lowering your overall printing costs.

Kyocera printers, for example, feature cartridge-free ECOSYS technology that can print up to 600,000 pages without needing to replace the print drum. This results in lower consumable costs and a significant reduction in disposable waste.

4. Service support for your MFP
Does the manufacturer provide written service and support standards for its MFP devices? Make sure you read these documents thoroughly.

Do their service standards cover the cost of routine maintenance and consumable usage/availability, as well as software upgrades/compatibility? Depending on your business requirements, Managed Print Services from Kyocera may be a better option to ensure a well-maintained, cost-effective (fewer breakdowns or software issues), and long-lasting MFP.

5. User friendly MFPs and easy integration with other applications
The ease of use of equipment is critical in a hectic business environment. Make sure to select a user-friendly MFP. Request a demonstration from the supplier to assess the printer’s functionality, speed, and quality.

Consider what your company requires in terms of printer connectivity, such as USB, memory cards, Bluetooth, network integration, and AirPrint or any other software used in your office to print documents. All of these connectivity requirements must be met while also adhering to the company’s document security policies.

The MFP must be simple to use, integrate with existing systems, and provide adequate document and data security for your business.

6. User and third-party reviews before purchasing your MFP
Have you read the online reviews? When deciding to buy an MFP, it is a good idea to look at user and third-party site reviews, which provide you with unbiased reviews on the multifunction printer you want to buy.

When selecting the best MFP, there are several factors to consider. We recommend beginning by learning about your company’s current printing habits and needs. Each business is unique, and knowing exactly what your company requires simplifies the search for the right MFP.

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