Frequently, manufacturers will recommend a lifespan of about seven years (more on that in a bit). However, in the business, a lifetime estimate is really based on the monthly click capacity of a machine, where a click is the number of single pages printed or copied.

Generally speaking, your device can handle more clicks the bigger and more durable it is. Similar to a car, a machine’s overall strength increases with the size of the engine under the hood. As a result, a stronger printer or copier can handle more clicks than a weaker equipment. On the other hand, pushing a small equipment to perform more tasks than it was intended to can result in undue wear and tear.

Imagine your business purchased a printer that can handle 2,000 prints each month, but you’re sending it 3,000. The printer might be able to complete those tasks in the near future. However, over time, the machine’s overall lifespan will be severely shortened, not to mention the extra maintenance that could have been avoided.

Last but not least, just like a car, a machine’s power will almost always translate into a greater price. It’s crucial to pick the ideal gadget for your unique needs and the needs of your business. However, if your business prints in excess of what is necessary, the greater initial cost will probably wind up being worthwhile.

Start keeping note of how much your organisation now prints each month on a comparable machine to figure out what your new printer’s capabilities will need to be. You can find these figures with the assistance of a managed print service or data collection software representative.

Here’s an additional tip if you don’t have data collection software at your disposal to monitor these metrics: keep track of the number of reams of paper the machine uses each month and use it to calculate the figure. Additionally, your accounting department can be a wonderful resource because they are likely to be aware of how frequently and how much paper is purchased.

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