Dot-Matrix printer problems

i. Print results are too light

The ribbon cartridge has most likely run out of ink, and the solution is to replace the ink ribbon.

ii. Printer does not print

Possible causes include an offline printer, running out of paper, or being disconnected. Restarting the printer, adding paper, or double-checking the cable connections are all possible solutions.

iii. Characters are incomplete

This can happen when pins are struck or broken, and the solution is to replace the print head.

iv. Printout jams inside the printer

This happens when something prevents the paper from passing through the printer. This is because of two factors. The first is an obstructed paper path, which requires disassembling the printer to locate the substance blocking the paper path, and the second is due to stripped drive gears.

v. Stepper motor problems
Stepper motors are used to move the printhead and advance the paper, and they are easily damaged if forced in any direction while the power is turned on. While it is simple to detect a damaged stepper motor, the only solution is to replace the stepper motor.

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