Why You Need A Multifunction Printer

Events like long line at the printer, a report that’s ready to mail, but the post office is closed, the copier is out of toner again are some of the many problems that may be regular occurrences in the average business office. But, they can also be a source of major inefficiencies.
Hiring more people to order toner, run to the post office or make copies is not the solution to your inefficiency problem. For many organizations, a multifunction printer eliminates host of roductivity bottlenecks.
Here’s why your office may need at least on multifunction printer.

1. Eliminate Obstacles

A multifunction printer does a lot more than just print documents. It provide the users with the ability to print, copy, scan and fax from one centralized location. Instead of running here and there, your team can complete several tasks at once. And instead of mailing that important report, your team member can scan and email it directly to the recipient.

2. Use Less Space

A centralized multifunction printer eliminates the need for a fleet of isolated technologies. Instead of finding room for a copier, printer and fax machine, you can replace them all in one with multifunction printer. 

3. Access Document From Anywhere

A centralized multifunction printer can be your gateway to cloud computing and electronic document management systems. Your remote staffs can get secure access to your documents from anywhere. 


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