Why Should I Upgrade My Office Copier?

When you first set up your office copier, it was the apple of your eye, but now you’re not so sure. Other copiers have piqued your interest, and you’re wondering if it’s time to upgrade.

You don’t want to make a hasty decision, so you look for reasons why you should upgrade your office copier.

We have some answers to your office copier upgrade questions, and we’re here to help! This article will assist you in upgrading your device, whether you are leasing or purchasing. Let’s get started!

Top Reasons to Upgrade Your Office Copier
There are several reasons why you should buy a new office copier or multifunction printer (MFP). Based on our experience with office technology spaces and listening to what our clients have to say, the reasons listed below stand out to us the most.


Remember that every business is unique and has different printing and copying requirements. Using these five reasons to make your decision, however, is almost always applicable and relevant to any organisation..


1. Upgrading Can Save You Money
Did you know that upgrading your office copier can help you save money? Because newer copy machines are more efficient, upgrading your office copier or multifunction printer (MFP) provides the lowest total operation cost.

When compared to an older or legacy device, greater efficiency means lower service costs for you.


2. Reduce Repair and Maintenance Needs
Have you ever noticed how cars lose reliability as they age? When you first purchase a new car, you hardly ever need to take it to a mechanic. Because you visit so frequently, you may end up on the mechanic’s holiday card list after a few years.


The same can be said for an office copier. The older the vehicle, the more difficult and expensive it is to maintain. You can reduce service calls by upgrading your office copier. Fewer service calls imply more uptime and lower repair costs.


When your MFP is operational, your employees are more productive, which is a huge win for your small business (SMB) or organisation.

3. Meet the Needs of Your Current Office Environment
When you purchased your current multifunction printer, it met the needs of your office. However, it’s possible that you’ve outgrown it. Perhaps you’ve increased your printing volume or are operating at full capacity. If this is the case, it will struggle to keep up, which means it will slow you and your employees down.


You’ll struggle to meet your business objectives if your copier can’t keep up. A local authorised dealer can review your requirements and design the best managed print solution for your business.

4. Stay Safe with Enhanced Security
When upgrading your office copier for your company, you can select options with advanced cybersecurity features. Security is everything in today’s world! These features guard against data changes, data leaks, and cyber threats such as denial of service attacks.


A single cybersecurity attack can devastate your company. It can cost you money and your clients’ trust, so protecting your device is critical.


If you’re not sure which security features are best for you, a local authorised dealer, such as AOS, can advise you.

5. Achieve Better Quality Through Printing, Scanning, and Copying
Your copier is most likely the busiest piece of office equipment. Instead of doing the work of a single person or machine, it copies, prints, scans, and even faxes for a large number of people.

Given that the average American office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year, this is no small feat.


All of that constant wear and tear takes its toll, lowering overall print quality. When you first got your new copier, your copies and prints most likely looked professional. However, the ink becomes dull or flat over time.


You may even notice that your ink smears from time to time and that you can’t seem to fix it. You’ve tried everything, from changing the toner to contacting your copier provider, with the same results.

These problems are your office copier’s way of telling you it’s worn out. Copiers, like us, become overworked when we are overworked! Your MFP has most likely reached old age, and, like humans, it has stopped performing at peak levels.


At this point, the best way to deal with this situation is to upgrade your office copier. What is the advantage? You and your employees will be overjoyed when their copies look like new again. And who doesn’t want contented workers?

6. Access to New and Advanced Options
Have you noticed how far technology has come in the last few years? Virtual reality, facial recognition software, and even self-parking cars are just a few of the most exciting developments we’ve seen recently.

Copiers and MFPs hold their own in our ever-changing world of workplace technology. If you have a printer that is more than five years old, you may be missing out on some new and useful features that go beyond printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Here are a few of the many features you can access when upgrading your office copier:

-Files That Convert Quickly: Do your employees devote a significant amount of time to converting files to Microsoft Word or PDF? Modern copiers can convert the files for you. After scanning the document, the device can quickly convert it to the desired format or platform.

-Send Documents to Emails or Network Folders: If you’re using an old printer, scanning and sending documents can be a huge time waster. Before attaching documents to an email, you must scan and save them. Fortunately, you can eliminate several steps with the help of a new MFP. Many new office copiers allow you to send files to network folders or email addresses. You can even select a printer with a full-size retractable keyboard, allowing you to quickly enter the destination.

-Enjoy Greater Control: When you upgrade, you can select a machine that allows you to configure access controls. You can control who has access to your office copy machine and even whether or not users can print and copy in colour. You can easily cut costs with improved control.

A new copier can provide your organisation with many more advanced features, such as mobile printing and wireless networking. So, talk to your office technology consultant about your options.

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