Why It Might Not Be a Good Idea to Run Your Copier Until It Breaks

1. Security

The risk that an outdated copier may provide to you, your staff, and the personal information of your customers should be considered before keeping one in your fleet. This risk is frequently disregarded security vulnerability. For a reason, more recent devices have multiple layers of security.

Older technology with little to no security or user authentication has been discovered by hackers to be the simplest way to access your network. To secure confidential information copied on your device, such as social security numbers, statements, employee addresses, and customer names, many newer models with overwrite functions also include hard disc encryption. Don’t leave it to chance on this one. Your copier probably isn’t secure at all if you have any doubts regarding its security.

2. Image Quality Control

The level of tolerance that people have for a subpar copy never ceases to astonish me. People frequently overlook the fact that poor copy with a line through it or bands of colour where there should be solid colour can leave a negative impression on those you do business with.

The development of copier toner technology leads to daily improvements in image quality (and lower costs). It could be time to look at a colour hybrid solution if you find yourself going to the copy shop around the corner more frequently. More inexpensive than ever, colour and black-and-white copiers enable small business owners to combine routine copying with the benefit of excellent colour output.

3. Bells and Whistles

The terms “cloud integration,” “wireless printing,” “remote troubleshooting,” and “real-time diagnostic reporting” may sound like jargon, but they were created for a reason: they are wonderful and may significantly boost your workplace efficiency. Consider it – have you ever not been amazed by new technology? (Not to mention they make you look like a technical genius when a customer wants to print something from their phone!) Although I’m not sure if we’ll ever be truly prepared for those Segways to become widely used, you get the idea.

4. Operating Expenses

Section I: Maintainance
Copier maintenance requirements increase as machines age, much like with autos. It could be time to break things off if you and your copier technician are best friends and you’re even thinking about having them over for Thanksgiving this year. Copier repairs may be costly, and a lot of more recent models have real-time diagnostic reporting features that can help you maintain a sensible preventative maintenance routine and avoid drowning in repair costs.

Section II: Energy
Ever seen the Energy Star symbols on more recent copiers? They have significance for your electricity bill. It’s true that newer technology uses less power to run, therefore older equipment will use more energy (especially if you leave it on constantly).

Using a kilowatt metre is an easy method to find out how much power your older equipment might be using on average each month. Making sure your copier is only turned on when necessary is also a good idea. Many gadgets can be set by default to use less energy when not in use by going into standby mode. There is no need to pay to keep your copier running constantly.

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