Why Is My New Toner Cartridge Not Working?

Although they cost more, toner cartridges outlive ink cartridges in terms of longevity. Look for high-quality toner cartridges that offer the best value for your money when trying to buy new toner cartridges.
There is no need for a laborious process when switching from an old to a new toner cartridge. When problems, like a new toner cartridge not working, disrupt what should be a smooth procedure during busy office hours, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can fix these problems with our straightforward suggestions.
In this post, we list the typical causes of toner replacement mistakes that result in a new toner cartridge not working and offer advice on how to fix these problems.

The printer is incompatible with the toner that you installed. Non-OEM toner cartridges are the primary cause of new toner malfunctions. Compatible toner cartridges are typically produced by many businesses and are designed to function with particular printers. However, the compatible toner replacement may not always be recognised by the printer. OEM cartridges only function with particular printers. Your printer would not detect the toner replacement if you inserted an OEM toner that was different from what was recommended.

The toner cartridge for the printer is not recognised. When your printer does not recognise the new toner cartridge after installation, this presents another issue with it not operating. Your toner being incorrectly installed in the drum unit is a typical cause of this issue. For instructions on installing a cartridge, consult the manual or try again until the printer recognises the toner and is prepared to print.

Low levels of ink or toner after replacement. Even after replacing the old cartridge, if your printer still transmits or displays a low toner notice, it is still reading the previous cartridge from memory. A quick printer reset typically enables the printer to detect the presence of a new cartridge and displays the replacement’s actual ink volumes.

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