Why Is GSM So Important?

1. GSM Affects How Your Customers Perceive Your Business

The paper GSM you select will have a significant impact on how your customers perceive your business, whether of whether you are printing custom packaging materials, business cards, flyers, or other products. The general look and feel of your print products is greatly influenced by the paper GSM.

There are many different paper weights available, and each one has special characteristics that will help your items stand out. You can convey the appropriate message to your customers using paper GSM as well. Using paper with a higher GSM, such as 300 GSM papers, conveys the legitimacy and professionalism of your company.

Select a paper GSM that most accurately represents your business if you want to demonstrate that you offer exceptional items and great service. To show quality in your promotional materials, choose the correct papers.

2. There are Paper Weights That Are More Suitable For Specific Applications

Even while thicker paper makes a bigger statement, you shouldn’t always pick it when printing your papers. There are circumstances where using thin papers is more practical, economical, and appropriate than using thick papers. Take fliers for promotions as an example.

The majority of promotional flyers are mass-produced and disseminated around the country. To ensure the creation of excellent, long-lasting promotions, you can choose 300 gsm paper. However, carrying around a lot of hefty fliers would be exceedingly uncomfortable, and your consumers will have trouble storing them. Lower-gsm sheets are more appropriate in these circumstances.

3. GSM Affects Your Printing Processes

Make sure your printer can handle the paper GSM you intend to use because not all printers can handle all types of paper. Small printers and copiers will probably only be able to handle a few paper GSM for in-house printing.

Additionally, GSM plays a crucial role in running a paper through the press because it influences a variety of factors like imposition, ink kinds, and drying times. The printer will struggle to process the papers if your machine cannot handle the paper thickness you are using. If you use too light a paper, the printer may even damage the document.

You see, picking the incorrect paper GSM can be expensive, particularly if you are a small business owner. That illustrates how crucial GSM is.

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