What To Check Before Breaking Your Photocopier Contract?

There are a number of things you should carefully review in a contract if you intend to lease a copier. The majority of contracts are made to offer as much protection as possible to the parties issuing them.

The following are some items to look for in a copier lease:

Contract Violation
It is quite difficult to breach a copier lease contract in Malaysia because the country’s regulations are tight when it comes to upholding service agreements.

Gross carelessness on the part of the provider is the only way out. You could add “gross negligence” if you believe that their service is slow or the machine malfunctions.

Regrettably, though, no laws exist to support such.

It would have to be quite extreme to add extreme carelessness, such as never coming to service your machine despite repeated complaints or never servicing the item, etc.

A high-quality service provider will take all necessary steps to increase brand trust, even if it includes confessing mistakes and letting the client company cancel the contract.

Automatic Renewal
This provision in the contract gives the service provider the right to renew a client’s business. If the contract contains such a provision, you will be required to give written notice of the termination at least 30 to 60 days in advance.

The contract will automatically renew for an additional year if this is not done (depending on the agreement). Make sure you are completely aware of the contract cancellation procedure with the organisation.

Early Termination Penalty
Make sure you are informed of any early termination fees before signing a contract.

According to the Malaysian Contract Act, copier dealers frequently punish companies for ending contracts early.

If you violate a provider’s Intent policy letter, some of them will penalise you, while others will require you to uphold the terms of the entire contract.

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