What Is A Printer, Scanner, Copier, Fax Machine All In One

4.4 million pages are printed every minute – and an estimated 2.3 pages will be printed by businesses in 2025, that’s not even counting home office or home printers.

Even though we’re working with more documents than ever before, printing isn’t going anywhere. And the less time employees spend waiting around for their documents, the better.

Keep reading to learn all about the all-in-one multifunction printers.

The All-In-One Printer: A Modern Office Necessity

The modern business world might look digital, but good ol’ print documents aren’t going anywhere.

Scanning, faxing, copying, and printing are necessary for modern offices. As businesses incorporate smart and cloud-based technologies, it’s still important to retain and work with physical copies of documents.

Also referred to as a multi-function printer (MFP), all-in-one copier, or all-in-one scanner, all-in-one printers handle lots of tasks related to physical documents. Advanced models fold, organize, and staple to cut down time and modern laser printers can spew out dozens of documents each minute.

Understanding the Functions

Compared with your typical, retail store printer, MFPs offer a lot of benefits for businesses looking to improve efficiency.

Print, copy, scan and fax is essential for any office.

It allows businesses to create physical copies of important documents. Signed contracts, invoices, and notarized files are vital elements of business. Whether you’re a small business or do high volume and need high speed capacity there is an option for you and your business.

A scanner captures images and text and converts them into digital files. It acts as the go-between for physical and digital documents. Modern MFPs offer direct-to-email scanning that lets users send scanned files to a predetermined inbox easily.

The copier function lets users make duplicates of physical documents. This is handy for businesses that need to distribute multiple copies of documents. Training materials, sales reports, hiring packets and meeting agendas are all common.

And – while not as popular as in the late ’90s, fax machines can still be handy for businesses that need to send and receive signed documents without relying on email or physical mail. Another option for modern offices is an e-faxing cloud solution.

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