What Does It Mean When Your Printer Stops Printing Words?

When your office printer experiences issues that affect some of its output but not all, the perplexing mix of what prints and what doesn’t forces troubleshooting into what appears to be a difficult puzzle. Your best lead to a solution is that it stops producing text, as type-related symptoms frequently focus on causes that point to their underlying causes. You can look for the cause of this improper behavior in software and, in some cases, the hardware, along with restarting your system and attempting a new data cable to rule out your overall data connection.


-Printer Driver

You must install printer driver software, which offers specialized support for your printer and its features, in order for your operating system and printer to be able to interact. The driver you were using prior to installing a Windows or Mac update can become incompatible with your updated system software as you patch or upgrade your operating system. Incorrect output, blank pages, or printing errors can result from a computer and printer mismatch. The same signs may appear if a power surge, outage, thunderstorm, malware infiltration, or power surge damages your driver software. For a new driver download, go to the website of the company that makes your hardware.



Font software helps your operating system more actively than nearly any other background component. The output and display of information for word processing, desktop publishing, and even some components of your computer’s on-screen user interface depends on font files. Your typographic output suffers when a typeface becomes corrupt, whether as a result of use or because you installed a faulty font file. On paper, your screen, or both, type disappears, and the elements that do show up can appear to have been blown around the page by a powerful wind. An unreliable typeface should be removed and installed again to fix the issue. You might need to get a new copy of the font’s files if you recently bought and downloaded it.



The documents you produce may become prone to internal corruption as a result of saving a file during an electrical surge, writing a document to a broken drive, and a long list of other issues brought on by sporadic, never-occurring conditions. If you create new instances of a project by opening and customising a copy of a previous version rather than using your software’s template document format, a file with a long history may become problematic. In your application, the file might seem normal before suddenly failing to print properly. Short of reconstituting the project by rebuilding it from scratch, you may be able to copy its content and insert it into a new document through the clipboard, drag and drop, or a specialized file-to-file transfer procedure provided by your application.



The printhead that powers a thermal or impact device, such as a dot matrix or specialty label printer, may malfunction, in which case nothing will print out on paper. Dot matrix printheads rarely experience sudden, catastrophic failure. Instead, after a lengthy period of time, the output-producing pins begin to fail one by one. Even though you might not remember the printer’s faults if you haven’t used it in a while, you might be able to find replacement parts and have the printer fixed. In contrast, a head failure that happens suddenly in thermal printers can and does cause them to stop working. Most of these failures call for replacing the device rather than the head.


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