Tricks to Make Your Office Copier or Printer Work Better

Office equipment like copiers and printers are essential for the productive and successful operations of any business. However, like any tool, your copier or printer can be used with varying degrees of effectiveness. Knowing how to use your copier or printer well can offer huge benefits for your business.

1. Properly position your copier or printer
The location of your copier or printer is very important. Take note of who will make the most use of your office copier or printer. If you optimize your copier or printer quantity for the appropriate number of users, placement will be easier to configure. Make sure you have the proper quantity of printers for your office requirements to make it easy to place your equipment. Also, position your copier or printer away from high traffic areas and drastic temperature changes.

2. Set your defaults
When setting up your office copier or printer, take note of the tasks you’ll be using it for, on a frequent basis. If for example, you’re going to scan to email, you need to set up the primary email address so that your employees don’t have to type it in each time. To cut back on printing costs, program your printer to default to two-sided printing while only utilizing black and white, instead of colors. In order to increase productivity, make sure each employee’s workstation sets the appropriate printer as their default, so they don’t have to manually override the choice each time they opt to print a document.

3. Use quality toner
Do not attempt to cut costs by purchasing low-quality printer cartridges. Not using the right toner for your copier or printer can cause serious damage that will require a costly repair and even void your warranty. Cheap toner also does not last as long as quality toner. Purchase quality toner cartridges from a reputable copier or printer provider to ensure that you get crisp, professional-looking documents every time you use your copier or printer. Quality toner will also minimize downtime and increase cost-effectiveness.

4. Be aware of your copier or printer’s capabilities
When purchasing an office copier or printer, take the time to familiarize yourself with everything your machine can do. Some machines can sort and staple, which saves on administrative time while others have a secure printing feature which prevents employees from violating privacy policies. It may be beneficial to assign a key operator for each copier or printer, to ensure efficient use and to be a resource for other employees.

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