Tips and Hacks from Experienced Print Professional Repair

Most people buy a photocopier without thinking where to place it. Like other machines, printers or photocopiers needs to be in the right place for optimum results. It should be kept away from heat, moisture or dry air at all times because if  not, it will clog the print head and resulting in poor print quality. 

Clean the Heads and Insides

A photocopier should be clean inside an out regularly. Photocopiers or printer that have small parts can get coated with dust, which can migrate to the inside. Every few weeks , clean the inside to avoid accumulation of dust and grimes. The tip is, use the lint-free cloth and follow the instructions that is provided by the photocopier’s manufacturer.

If you have lines on your  copies but not on your printed documents, it means that your photocopier’s scan glass is dirty. The scan glass is located on the far left side of the unit’s main scan glass. Since the paper is drawn across the glass, even a smallest spot can cause lines on your copies. But, if you have lines on your printed documents, it’s something mechanical that will require maintenance service to check on your photocopier.

Buy a Maintenance Kit

Photocopiers can cost a lot of money, so a good maintenance kit is a good investment. The maintenance kit will include tools that help you maintain your photocopier and replacement parts. It is very useful if you want to use your photocopier for a long time.

Check Your Network Conflicts

The biggest challenge will be the connectivity, 95% of my calls, it’s not about the machine but the network that is causing issues. Most of the time it is because people are adopting Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology and older machines are not manufactured to fax or send data over those protocols. Fax protocols were designed to be handled by VOIP  utilizes the data network and compresses the signal through that can cause errors to occur in the fax packet exchange. 

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