Stay Secure When Recycling Printers

There are many factors to take into account when recycling printers, but it’s crucial to keep your security in mind.

Security is always top-of-mind when using a PC, laptop, or tablet, especially because these are devices that are frequently used to hold sensitive information. Even while it may not be evident, other devices, including printers, can also store important data and information.

The numerous papers that you have scanned with the device will be stored on some printer models’ internal hard drives or flash memory. This can imply that there are still a tonne of confidential papers on your device, depending on how you use your printer. Credit card statements, invoices, pay stubs, and other sensitive information would therefore be easily accessible if someone knew where to look.

Why then, do individuals not deal with this while recycling printers? The inability to locate the hard discs in the printers is mostly to blame. The hard disc is frequently left behind when recycling printers, which might be problematic.

If you are recycling printers, make sure you delete any important data that could still be on the device – but, how do you do this?  Here are the options:

Unplug your printer – if you leave the device unplugged for a while, this will delete the data if there is no local storage.  For more information on how long to keep it unplugged, check your user guide.

Clear the direct e-mail function – if your model has this feature, delete the password before recycling printers.

Wipe the hard drive – if your printer has an internal hard drive, use the wipe disk to remove the stored data.

If you follow this advice when recycling printers, you can rest assured that nobody else will be able to acquire any of your personal documents or information.

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