Should I Get a Refurbished Copier

It’s more important than ever for organizations to have efficient copiers that go the extra mile. An inefficient print environment can cost you lots of time and money in the long run. What’s the best solution to keep your print costs low?

Should you look into buying a refurbished copier or opt for a managed print agreement instead? Here’s what you need to know. 

What Is a Refurbished Copier?

A refurbished copier is a copier that has been rebuilt or restored after use. Similar to purchasing a used car, there’s a number of copies on the “odometer” as well as it being unknown as to the maintenance and repair history. Despite being a number of years old, refurbished devices have been inspected to ensure they are in working order.

Lots of people are attracted to refurbished copiers due to the impression of a low price point. Compared to new copiers, refurbished models are considerably cheaper. While it may be true that a used device may seem more inexpensive the cost of operation on an older device is usually more than on a new device. After a certain age, the manufacturer no longer supports the device so after market parts and supplies are the only options thus raising the cost.

What is a Managed Print Service Agreement

A managed print services (MPS) agreement is a support agreement for a new or refurbished device that provides toner, maintenance kits, parts, labor and all support for a low monthly cost. This takes the hassle from the organization and with a quick call or email the copier provider takes care of everything on your behalf. The service contract not only takes the frustration and high cost from trying to maintain your own devices, but also provides workflow efficiencies with little to no downtime.

Which is Better, New or Used? 

While refurbished copiers may have their place depending on your needs, it’s generally beneficial to lease a new device and take full advantage of the lowest cost of operation that the new technology provides. Being on a regular lease refresh cycle allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of newer technology including the lowest cost per copy.

A refurbished device from a reputable source with an MPS contract may be a good option if you have low print volume without a demanding print environment. Be aware that the cost per copy is usually higher with the older equipment as the cost to support increases with the age of the device.

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