Scanning vs. Taking a Photo of a Document

Things can get a little problematic if you’re trying to scan a document while out of the office. Indeed, getting a document or image scanned may be challenging unless you have a competent scanner at home or elsewhere.

Scanner vs. Smartphone Camera
Most Malaysian individuals do not require a traditional scanner, especially if they only need to scan documents occasionally for personal reasons. Your smartphone camera may suffice if you only need to transfer a few files to your computer.

A dedicated scanner, on the other hand, is a better solution if you work in an office with frequent scanning needs.
Working in an office may also necessitate additional tasks such as copying and printing. Therefore, you may need to invest in a dedicated all-in-one or multifunction printer in Malaysia.

So, before you use your smartphone to scan documents for personal or official purposes, there are a few things you should know.
To begin with, capturing documents with a phone’s camera alone delivers limited, low-quality results. Several factors have a role in the poor results:

1. Lighting
Light is reflected onto the lens of your phone camera. You either get a lot of ambient light or a lot of intense flash, which results in hot spots on the page, glare on glossy images or magazines, and generally unreliable lighting.
2. Focus
As a result of trying to frame the document and coming too close, the camera shot is sometimes out of focus.
3. Aspect
The camera is rarely at the ideal top-down angle, but the scanner places the paper completely flat and at the correct angle.
4. Cropping
With your phone camera, you’ll have to crop the image your take, and you might not be able to crop precisely if the documents come in an unusual format. With a scanner, documents of any size are automatically cropped, whether it’s a business card or a legal page.
5. Quality
The scanner’s image quality is superior in general. Compare a camera photo versus a scan of the same page to discover which one holds up better. Portraits and scenery may be captured beautifully by cameras, but documents and photos are not.
6. File Size
The file size of the scanner photo is less than half that of the camera photo. Moreover, the scanner image quality is greater.

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