Paperless homes and offices have become practice these days. Everything were done digitally and stored at cloud storage. There are also perception that the need of paper would be a thing of the past. However, there are still a few reasons why we still need printer in our home or office.

  1. Paper is more convenient to read and mark up

Some people think that making notes on paper is more handy and easier than doing so on a computer using software like Microsoft Word or Adobe Reader. Simply print the report, pick up a pen, and make any necessary modifications. Important passages should be highlighted and underlined. Reading long passages of text on a screen can be tiring and bad for your eyes. The likelihood of errors being missed when reading an online document is high.

  1. Cost Issue

In comparison to software and storage solutions, printers and paper might often be more cost-effective. This is due to the fact that businesses must invest in hardware like hard drives and cloud storage. For tiny businesses, every dollar counts. It is preferable if they spend money on other items that can guarantee a return on their investment rather than those. Some businesses additionally want a tangible duplicate of any very significant documents in their archives.

  1. Paper and digital can work together.

The use of a printer and digital solutions can speed up work. For instance, if you need to sign a paper and email it back to the sender, just print the document, sign it, scan it with an all-in-one photocopier, and email it back. It is flexible to convert paper documents to digital files and vice versa using an all-in-one machine.

  1. Paper is great marketing tool

Even though many people use technological gadgets every day, print advertisements are still the most effective marketing strategy. A brochure or name card that people can pick up, carry with them, read, and keep is an effective marketing tool.

  1. Household print requirements

Additionally, printers can be used to print something memorable. Some people prefer to view their images in person rather than on their phone. Create an album for them to keep in their memories. Some people like to print their boarding pass for pickup, and some students choose to print their lecture notes so they may underline crucial information and make it easier for themselves to recall.

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