Questions to ask before buying a copier

So you’re at that point of deciding on which copier dealer to go with, but you’re stuck. Should I inquire about their technicians or their service? Should I even ask about their price? Don’t worry. The copier channels got your back. We’re going over the five best questions to ask you your copy, your dealer before you sign on that dotted line.

It is important to ask as many questions as you can when it comes to making a big purchasing decision for your office. And deciding on a copier dealer for your business is no different. But you’re probably saying to yourself, what are the best questions to ask to make sure I make the right decision? Let us go over them. Let’s jump right in and address the elephant in the room. It’s all about the price, probably one of the most important questions is what does the total rental price or the total purchase price of an office copier? Well, a lot of things may affect the price, like additional features, any maintenance Add-Ons and most likely consumables like toners or cartridges. Make sure you know what you’re paying for by having the dealer provide a breakdown of each item.

All copy machines do three things, copy misfit and jam. You are going to need a maintenance contract. Therefore, question number two is how much is the maintenance contract going to cost? Your copier is not a perfect machine and it’s probably going to break down every once in a while, so maintenance is a must. However, with the combined cost of the total purchase price or rental price, with your maintenance contract, you must make sure that it still fits within your budget.

  • How accessible is your technical support staff or service technicians? When you have a problem with your copier, you need to know a company’s support staff is there for you. Even after the lights go out for the day. You also need to know they’re accessible as quickly as possible through phone, email or text. Nothing is more frustrating than having an important document to copy or assemble and finding out you’re stuck with a broken copier.
  • How many technicians do you have for service and how skilled are they? The number of technicians out in the field tells you how fast service can reach you if need be. The more the better. Right. You also need to inquire on how skilled or how many certifications each tech has. Certain copiers require a certain level of expertise and knowledge. You want to make sure that whoever is working on your copier is certified and knows everything inside and out. You will also want to ask a copier dealer if their technicians participate and continued education.
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