Protect Your Data: Identity Theft Prevention

Your Multifunction Printers (MFPs) like Ricoh  Photocopier C3503 or Ricoh Photocopier C3504 are more exposed to security threats than you can imagine. This issue can contribute to the security breach problem of your hard drive. Full understanding of how to handle the consequences of the security breach is very much needed. But, not all copiers have hard drives, so some of us do not know that the copier still has the possibility to store sensitive information even without the presence of hard drives.

The hard drive of your copier contains important documents such as images of every document that you scanned, copied and emailed. All of important information such as bank account information, birth certificates, income tax records, credit card information and other personal information that are private and confidential are the kind of information that are valuable for identity thieves. With some technical knowledge, identity thieves can easily obtain your personal information with a little risk of getting caught. So this is how you can protect your data and information from identity theft.

Copy With Caution

The process of stealing information through your multifunction printer (MFPs) is by accessing the hard drive to get the files. This process requires the identity thief to break into the copier itself or hacks into your copier’s computer. 

With that, you have to take precaution by discussing with your IT department in your office to find out whether there are copier machines without a hard drive installed in your office building.  Because, by using copiers that do not have a hard drive installed, it can avoid you from potential identity theft.

You can also inform your IT department to improve security on your copier machine by setting a password and making sure that only you and the company employees are the only one that can access the copiers and its stored files. 

But if you only have copiers that have a hard drive installed, you can try removing saved data on the hard drives of the copiers regularly. This can decrease the risk of data breaches. 

Make sure that when you want to dispose or return the copier at the end of your lease, delete all your documents in the copier’s hard drive first. Also, when having a problem with the copier’s hard drives, confirms that the repairmen or the IT technicians are trusted employees from a certified company. For extra precaution, have someone observe the repairs process being performed to avoid any unwanted problem. 

Document Management System

By using a document management system, you can safeguard your documents and destroy them as you need. Programs like Paperless Technologies can help you to lock your company’s information safely in a system that offers limited and context-based access to users. Paperless Technologies will let you have control over who can access the information at any given time. This can reduce the risk of identity theft and also information can be shared easily between users. 

Copier machines will keep becoming a necessity in the business industry. With technological advancement, attentiveness about company’s information security information is very important. To keep the company’s information secured and safe, the companies have to reexamine the use of copiers in the office. If you want to rent photocopier machines or purchase photocopier machines, you have to find a copier dealer company that is trusted and verified to avoid unnecessary and unwanted problems from happening, especially identity theft.

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