Printing Challenges for a Growing Business

To see your business growing exponentially is very exciting. It also can create unexpected obstacles as you try to embrace pains and find solutions to avoid them. Sometimes it’s easy to expect what you need to prepared but challenges seem to come from other way.

One of the aspect that businesses tend to plan in advance is how the growth of the business affect the printing in business.

It may seem like a small concern but i can affect your business sooner and later. Therefore you need to keep control of your printing activities. Here are some most common challenges growing businesses with regard to printing.

1. Print volume increased

As your business keep growing, it will likely to use more papers and toners than before because the more the employees, the more printing activities will happened. 

It’s important to keep the hidden cost under control  like electricity, energy, usage and the wear and tear your devices.

2. Lack of printing visibility

The larger the business, the harder it is to see who is printing, how many documents the person prints, unless you have specialist software installed to track the activities.

3. Pressure on IT department

Your IT department is the first thing your employees will call when having problem with the photocopier. This is alright when the employees are only in a small amount of number, but as your business grows, the demand on your IT department will start to become uncontrollable. You also need your IT staffs to focus more on innovating your business driver to keep growing.

4. Bad deals on latest technology

When your business was still small, you only needed just a few printers. For that, you may just go to your local office supply store to buy what you need. Now that you are bigger, you have to manage your costs more properly. Depending on the number of photocopiers you need and how you want them to be in terms of its functionality. It may make more sense if you moved to a contract that consists of supply of equipment and support services like us.

5. Security risk

Whether your business is big or small, security is still the utmost important thing you have to take note of. As you grow, you may be exposed to cyber crimes. The amount of valuable information your company has access to will also increase. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that that information is safe.

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