Technical, CAD, and GIS large format printers are other names for plotter printers. It’s a printer that prints precise, crisp pictures by drawing several lines onto the sheet using a pen, pencil, or marker.

Difference between Standard Printer and Plotter Printer

Multiple dots of ink are printed onto the paper or substance being utilized by a traditional printer using a toner. Straight lines may thus not be as obvious or straight as they should be. A plotter printer is substantially more exact since it prints in lines after using a precision instrument, like a pencil. Additionally, plotter printers can print on a broad range of materials in addition to paper. A plotter printer can print everything you need onto materials including plywood, metal, cardboard, or plastic. Due of this, plotter printers tend to be bigger than regular printers.

Plotter Printer User

Due to its precision, plotter printers are perfect for producing blueprints and building plans in the architectural sector. The use of large-format printers also makes it possible to print a whole design on a single piece of paper. Plotter printers retain a very high resolution, which makes them perfect for publications that require unwavering precision and dependability. Plotter printers are therefore mostly employed in the engineering and construction sectors.

Advantages Plotter Printer

  1. Size – The maximum width of the material that can be printed on by a big plotter printer is 60 inches. In other words, if you’re producing a huge design or blueprint, a large-format printer can print it all on one page as opposed to two. Plotter printers always retain a high-quality resolution, regardless of the size of the print.
  2. Different Materials– Plywood, cardboard, plastic, and metal are just a few of the materials that plotter printers can print on in addition to paper. Pretty much any flat sheet of material.
  3. Quality Every Time– A plotter printer can repeatedly print the same template without any degradation.

Disadvantages Plotter Printer

  1. Size– Large size might provide logistical challenges even if it may be advantageous in terms of the diversity of print output. Not only do you need a big room for the printer, but also for the printed material to feed through. However, there is technology that can assist with this, since many large-format plotter printers have an integrated Wi-Fi connection. This indicates that you don’t need to worry about placing the machine next to your computer; rather, you may do so as long as it’s convenient.
  2. Price– Particularly for new enterprises or those who have never used a plotter printer before, the price of a plotter printer might seem highly exorbitant. Plotter printers are significantly more expensive than ordinary printers because of the sophisticated technology.
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