Photocopy Machine Problem

1. Paper jams
Paper jams are the most common photocopier Malaysia errors found. The reason for this varies from the wrong size of paper to improper loading of ordinary paper. This problem causes the copier to pull the paper wrong, resulting in blocking your copy or print.

Correcting this type of problem requires you to manually load jammed paper and reload the appropriate paper size or correct the paper alignment. In addition, paper dust also affects, because it can cause a tendency to clog the engine and cause paper jams. The best way to avoid this problem is to periodically wipe the feed roll or rubber pull and from time to time, until dust is lost on the copier.

2. The line is printed.
When you duplicate the master copy the text or image is simple, but your finished copy contains scratches, lines or other forms of defects in the printout.

There are many sources for this problem and include: stains on the scanner glass or mirror The failure of the drum mill or developer (only applies to multi-component photocopy systems) Damaged drum blades produce outlines vertically at the bottom of the page.

The first problem can be solved by removing interference and cleaning the scanner glass and mirror (see your user manual for correct cleaning instructions). Other problems must be addressed by replacing the unit that is causing the problem.

3. Warning on Cartridge or toner
A small, empty or non-functional toner problem can occur in your photocopy machine Malaysia. If they are few or empty, replacement or charging is the solution to fix this problem. If it doesn’t work, maybe one of two things happens:

If you try and use an incompatible cartridge, your print quality will have a problem.

4. Copy of too light or too dark
Most of the time, the problem with the light and darkness of the prints will make a good debt. Someone might have accidentally changed the previous settings, making the next image copied too bright or too dark. In this case, resetting the density level is the best solution. However, maybe the drum has reached the end of its useful life or toner on a bad machine. Some aftermarket toners do not match the manufacturer’s code and can cause light density problems.

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