Photocopy Machine: Common Troubleshoots And Solutions

Paper Jams
Paper jams always happen at the worst possible times and could be caused by any of these factors; poor setup of the machine, use of incorrect thickness or type of paper, wrong method of loading papers or built up of dust inside the copier. First, make sure you didn’t stack too many pages in the supply reservoir. When paper jams occur, manually remove the jammed paper with care. Make sure you don’t pull the paper too quickly as it could leave tiny torn pieces inside your photocopier. Try printing again, and if the problem persists, call a local photocopy machine so they could come and clean your feed tires or check built-up dust inside the machine.

Smudges, poor image quality or faded prints on the final product
Your printer is working fine, but the final product had smudges and the image quality is poor, making even the best products look sloppy and unprofessional. Double-check the print driver to see if you’ve chosen the correct paper and media selected. Also, see if the paper loaded in the tray is the right type and any damages to the cartridges, imaging unit and fuser. Print several blank sheets of papers to clear away smudge marks.

The printer is not printing
This problem also ranks high on the common photocopy machine problem. Always check first if you sent the print job to the right printer or else your printing may be located elsewhere in the office building. If this happens often, set the printer that you want to use as the default printer in your computer settings. If the printer was chosen correctly in the settings, but the problem persists, check the connection between the computer and the printer, such as cables or wireless connection and the queues of the print job for the photocopier. Finally, try rebooting your computer and turn off the printer for a few minutes before turning it on and try printing again.

Old age and outdated technology
Most photocopier owners do not realize that this is indeed a problem which could cause many complications in their daily company activities. The printer might have been of excellent service in the past, but now it has some minor problems here and there and is not compatible with many new requirements of modern printing.

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