Photocopier Features To Improve Office Workflow

Despite the fact that we have discussed the essential elements to consider when choosing a copier, there are certain unique features that you should consider when shopping for a copier, particularly to enhance workflow.

Let’s look at some important copier characteristics that can boost productivity in your company so you can make the best decision.

1. Capacity of Paper Trays

Your photocopier needs to have high-capacity paper trays if you frequently print large documents like contracts and booklets. When staff members are unfamiliar with your model, reloading paper trays can take a long time.

A photocopier’s paper tray capacity is a reliable measure of its ability to meet your office’s printing needs.

2. Internet safety

The extra vulnerability to a cyber attack comes with the flexibility of wireless and remote printing. Therefore, pay particular attention to photocopier features that offer data security while selecting a new business copier. You may ensure that your photocopier is always protected with the most recent version by updating the drivers.

3. Binding Devices

The use of bindery tools is crucial for organising printed materials. Your workers can save precious time by using the bindery photocopier functions instead of wasting it physically glueing sheets together.


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