Office Copier Maintenance

Most of us take our good photocopier for granted. Inevitably, though, something will go wrong.

Sometimes, the photocopier machine simply getting old or is too small for the business and demands to be placed. Some other times it’s the user’s fault such as when an employee accidentally spills his or her morning coffee on the machine or a Christmas party get out of control. 

Here are a few maintenance tips for you photocopier machine to keep your photocopiers from breaking, jamming or delivering low quality copies and prints.

Conduct Routine Copier Maintenance and Care

First and foremost, below are some of our favorite tips for keeping your photocopiers happy.

1. Shut off your copier

Shutting off your photocopier at night and on weekends will helps you save on your electric bill and as well as will prolong your machine’s life.

2. Run few test prints

If the copier has not been used for a few days, do some test prints before using it to make sure that everything is good.

3. Clean regularly

Clean the photocopier on regular basis to keep it working properly. Always wipe away the dirt and debris on machine’s entry areas so that the dirt and debris will not fall into the paper path. 

4. Retrieve all parts of the page that jammed

When clearing jams, make sure you retrieve all parts of the page that have jammed. Even the smallest bits of paper left inside the paper path can significantly effect your next copy run.

5. Be patient

If a photocopier is a malfunctioning, there is a reason. Pressing the copy button angrily will not solve the problem.



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