Multifunction Printer Fleet

Multifunction printers are powerful, efficient, hardworking devices that fit perfectly into any workflow and every industry. They copy, print, fax, and scan, and they do it all with built-in security features to protect data while you work with it.

But more isn’t always merrier. Every business has an ideal number of multifunction printers; too few, and you’ll be scrambling to get work done–but too many, and your fleet, security, supplies, workflows, and budgets could quickly get out of hand.

Here’s how to find that perfect number.

  • #1: Consider your needs.

Do you need to print high volumes at high speeds? Multifunction printers can do that–but if you need to have several jobs going at once, it makes sense to have multiple machines. Take this into consideration when planning your fleet.

  • #2: Consider your layout.

Smaller offices may need fewer machines, as everyone would have easy access to the same one or two printers. However, large, multi-level office buildings may benefit from several devices–one for each team or area.

  • #3: Consider your budget.

Although multifunction printers are an efficient investment, there’s a point beyond which they become expensive to manage and maintain–and that point is when you’re practically overrun with printers. Make sure to consider your budget when finding the perfect number of multifunction printers–not just purchase price, but supplies, repairs, and maintenance, too.

If you are looking for a multifunction printer to rent or to buy, contact us so that we can assist you.