Latest Methods to update a Printer Drivers

What are the Printer Driver and Uses?
The printer driver is the software that converts your data and information through the operating system to the printer to print in the form of hard copy. The printer driver is a computer program that installs in your operating system when the user uses the print commands on the computer system to the printer device then the printer driver converts data to be printed form.

The printer driver is a software program that converts system applications data such as Word documents, Graphics, and spreadsheets by communicating through cables or wireless connection with the printer hardware device to exact copy printout.

In case your printer driver is not working and outdated then you need to download and install the latest version printer driver, or need to update printer drivers.

Method to Update Printer Drivers
In this blog, we discuss the manual methods to update printer drivers that depend on the user operating system.

Now we discuss to update a printer driver for Window 10 you can read below and follow these steps:

– You can connect the Computer and Printer system through a USB cable. Make sure USB cable is proper working conditions.
– On the computer, you can go to the control panel.
– Please click on ‘Hardware and Sound’ that is shown on the control panel.
– Now click on Device Manager, here show all connected printer hardware on your system then look the option for Printer drop-down contain with any relevant printer.
– Right-click the mouse button on the printer and the ‘Update’ driver as you want.
– Choose search automatically or manually driver.
– If the Computer window doesn’t find a new driver, then you can go to the driver website to download and install manually.
– Complete the install the driver setup process.

In Window 7 the Printer Driver Update process is different
– Go to the control panel on your PC (computer)
– Here search the Device Manager and click on it to show all connected hardware devices.
– Check your connected printer device show here list form it usually shows under Ports (COM and LPT) or universal Serial Bus. Then after right-clicking the printer and open up properties on your computer. Check here and choose the ‘driver’ tab and click on Update Driver- to find the new drivers automatically.

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