Klang or Kelang is officially a Royal Town of Klang. It is actually former capital state of Selangor and is located within the Klang District. Klang or Kelang was the capital of Selangor in an earlier period prior to the emergence of Kuala Lumpur and the current state capital, Shah Alam. Our service covered for all over Klang. 

Supply Ricoh Photocopier Machine Around Klang

Bizcopier Solutions SDN BHD supply the finest fully Pre-Owned Photocopier machine you can buy or rent at affordable prices. Located in Klang, Selangor and we cover mostly all Klang area, we will deliver and set up your new pre-owned photocopier machine in one visit and have setup printing and scanning features before we leave.

Why choosing us?

Bizcopier Solutions SDN BHD is one of Selangor’s well-known pre-owned RICOH photocopier suppliers. Our great service is relied upon by businesses all throughout the city, and our print and copy solutions often come with a 3- or 5-year warranty, giving clients peace of mind. Our team is more than capable of offering a great service. We also offer great package schemes to our customers in terms of Ricoh Photocopier rental scheme or Ricoh photocopier purchase scheme.

We are a local company that has supplied Ricoh printers and Ricoh photocopiers to hundreds of businesses in Selangor. Bizcopier Solutions Sdn Bhd  will install and maintains Ricoh Photocopier for clients at unbeatable prices.

Our Customers
  • Management Company – copy and print daily documents
  • Renovation Company – copy and print their renovation designs, proposal, contracts, and more
  • Property Developer -copy and print SPA & other legal documents.
  • Construction Site Office –  copy and print their documents and architectural drawings.

If your business is in Klang area and you are looking for a Ricoh Photocopier to rent or to purchase, come joining our growing family of satisfied customers who decided to go with a Ricoh Pre-Owned Photocopier machine from Bizcopier Solutions SDN BHD. We hope our  photocopier rental scheme  and purchase scheme can cover your minimum daily printing, copying and scanning needs.

Service Area That We Covered

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