Is having a paperless office possible?

– Printed Documents Are Still In-Demand

We service the printers of many law, accounting, education, medical firms, and we know printed materials are crucial to these verticals. Showing up to trial or an audit with an iPad is just not conducive to effective work. There are many more reasons, cyber attacks being one of them, but all involve the fact that these entities depend on keeping detailed and available psychical records.

– Print Marketing Works Very Well

Consumers trust printed media more than digital media. We love the internet, but we engage better with physical materials. And don’t think the younger generation is going to turn their back on printed materials. A study found that 28 percent of GenZ’s read trade magazines and a whopping 75 percent read at least one magazine publication a month.

– Print is Part of Digital

Throwing the baby out with the bathwater is never good. Print is an excellent complement to digital. As mentioned, physical touch is important for marketing. Even when it comes to books, SurveyMonkey research stated that most readers read eBooks primarily for their convenience but also read physical books because of the experience of comfort. What’s more, a Scientific American study revealed that people prefer and absorb information better when it’s in printed form.

– You Can’t Beat Nostalgia

We mentioned in the beginning how vinyl records haven’t gone away. They’re popular with younger generations. The same can be said with other allegedly dated products like polaroid cameras, the Rubrik’s Cube, and bean bags. What is old sometimes becomes new again (and very in-demand!)

At the same time, Millennials are the most nostalgic generation of any age, according to research. The research also claimed that digital experiences don’t satisfy emotional needs, so once again, those corny and old printed materials can a huge advantage when it comes to engaging audiences.

– Print Isn’t Evil

We know that printing can be a strain on natural resources. Bear in mind that paper is also a renewable resource (meaning it can be regrown or replenished in one or two human lifetimes). The truth is that paper often comes from managed forests or farms, which replant about four million trees every day (four times more than they harvest).

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