Information You Need To Know When Choosing A Photocopier For Your Office

Choosing a photocopier for your business can be really hard to decide. There are several requirements that need to be taken in consideration in order to make a good decision on what type of photocopier you need that will be right for your business. Moreover, the photocopier’s capability, quality and longevity are things that also need to be considered. Therefore, here we provide you with the information that you need to know when you want to decide which photocopier you want to choose.


  • The Speed

You have to compare the printing cost with the employee downtime. If your employees have to stand by the photocopier to wait for their printing document, your printing cost will be significantly increased. Therefore, you have to ask your employees how much time each day they have to spend waiting for their printed and copied documents and ask their opinion about would it be easier for them if they use a faster photocopier?


  • The Volume of Printing and Copying

“How many documents will you print or copy?”. That is another question you need to ask before you choose your photocopier. You need to examine how much your employees are printing and your current equipment logs to estimate your usage every month. Other than that, you have to know how often they use other multifunctional features like scanning and faxing other than copying and printing.


  • Color or Black and White

The main photocopier usually becomes the backbone for all employees to carry on with their daily task. It’s where you send thousand of your documents to print or copy. The fact that color multifunction photocopiers are much slower at printing than the black and white (in most cases). Some offices have additional small photocopier for color printing jobs and black and white photocopier can save huge amount of your cost. Therefore, you need to consider how many percentage do you often print in color ad how often do you print in black and white.


  • Features’ Specialty

The specialty of multifunction photocopier features is also thing that you need to take note during choosing the suitable photocopier for your office. Discuss with your employees , do you guys need any additional features that you want to use such as faxing, stapling or remote diagnostics? Depends on the reliance of the machine, these features can really help in achieve a great productivity.


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