How To Take Care Of A Photocopier?

Are you getting fed up with fixing the same copier problem?

A copier is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the workplace that helps you accomplish work tasks every day, from printing files to scanning documents. Considering the value that a copier provides to your business, it’s imperative that you know how to properly care for your copier to help it last longer. Here are some techniques on how to take care of your copier.

1. Use quality products
Use high-quality paper to reduce shavings, paper debris, dust and shavings inside the printer. Always load paper properly, and avoid forcing it into the paper tray or feeder. Check with your supplier to ensure you are using the best possible paper and toner for your copier. Use the right toner for your copy machine.

2. Check your copier’s toner regularly
Replace toner immediately if it gets low. If you run a cartridge until it is completely out, it will not only result in low-quality copies, but it could also harm the copier. Maintain a supply of toner cartridges in your office so that you always have a new one ready to install. Use top of the line or manufacturer-approved toners, inks or spare parts for replacements.

3. Clean the copier regularly
Dust and dirt on your copier can scratch the copier glass and damage your copies. Use a soft lint-free, nonabrasive cloth slightly dampened with glass cleaner to keep the glass scanner area clean. Using a fine-haired paintbrush, remove dust on the paper trays, ink cartridge holders and any other parts where dust from the paper can collect.

4. Turn off the copier
Turn off the copier when the copier is not being used, or put it into hibernation mode. This will not only save power but also prolong the life of the machine. Before you start cleaning or maintaining your machine, turn off the copier and disconnect the power source.

5. Keep sharp objects away from the copier
Staples, paper clips and other sharp objects can scratch the photocopier’s glass, affecting the scan and copy quality. So, make sure you remove these before scanning or copying documents.

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