How To Stop Your Printer Leaking Ink On Paper When Printing

– Clean the contacts
If the contacts between the cartridge and the printer are dirty or clogged, there is a high chance that this can be the main cause for the ink to leak on the paper. To properly clean the contacts, open the printing machine and remove the ink cartridges and place them on a clean piece of paper. Wipe down cartridge contacts with an alcohol based wipe not directly wiping the nozzle, avoid using water as this can cause further damage to the contacts. After the cleaning process is done, let them air dry for 5 minutes and then reinstall.

An important tip for this process is to do it as quickly as possible, making sure you have cleaned out all dirt. If the ink cartridges are out longer than 20-30 minutes, then there is a higher risk of the ink drying up and clogging which is a waste of time and money.

– Readjust your cartridge
Whether you are an expert in installing ink cartridges or are new to the world of printing, it is easy to overlook the placement and install an ink cartridge incorrectly. If the cartridge is misplaced, this is a definite cause of your printer leaking ink. Before readjusting the cartridges, get a piece of paper towel and place it under your printer’s bottom panel to absorb any loose ink that is continuing to spill. Open up the front cover of your printer and identify which ink cartridge is causing the leak. Wipe it down with a dry cloth before re-inserting, this time triple check that the cartridge is going into the right place. Print again to make sure this is no more ink spillage, if there is then there is another cartridge that is misplaced or there is a greater problem causing the leak.

– Refilled Cartridges
Refilling ink cartridges is a money saver and beneficial for the environment, however, if not done properly the refilled cartridge can lead to leaks, streaking, clogging, damaging of the blade and overall terrible print quality. The majority of office supply stores provide refills for your cartridges and you can even buy refill kits online to do it yourself. It is extremely important that you choose high-quality ink that is suited to your specific printer to avoid any leaks and clogging.

– Damaged toner cartridges
Toner and ink cartridges might look like simple objects from the outside, but when in action there are many components big and small that have one specific job and if not done right then the whole cartridge needs to be replaced. If your printer has been causing leaks, an important step is to assess your cartridges for any visibly external damages. If your cartridges have been refilled or have been used for a long period of time, then a replacement is needed.

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