If you’ve never done it before, it could seem a little intimidating, but setting up a network printer is really easy. Let’s examine the specifics of setting up a network printer!

Getting the printer to connect to the network should be simple if the machine is brand-new right out of the box because the default settings are typically set to auto IP.

You might need to first reset the network settings back to automatic by navigating to the network settings in the control panel if the computer was previously set up for local connection or if the network settings were deactivated for some other reason.

How to Connect Your Printer to the Network

Once you have confirmed that the network settings are enabled on the device, make sure that the printer/MFP is connected to the network by:

  • Ethernet cable from the printer directly to the router/hub. Usually used in a small or home office.
  • Ethernet cable from the printer to a wall port. Usually in a business premises (ask your IT support to make sure the port is live if you cannot connect).
  • Via Wi-Fi to a router if this connection method is supported.

If you can see the lights near the network connection into the back of the printer after it has been switched on and connected, the device is in communication with the hub/router.

At this point, you can often just launch the installation procedure using the installation disc or drivers that you may download from your PC. Typically, these are available on the manufacturer’s website. A search for the device on the network is done as part of the installation process, therefore the right drivers should be loaded and it should be immediately recognised.

Additionally, you may add the printer by entering its IP address in Windows add a printer dialogue. Using the control panel to produce a network configuration report, you may verify the machine’s allocated IP address.

You can switch the machine’s auto IP option to static if you need to set a static IP address (this stops the router from automatically issuing a new one when you power it up). If you are connected to a big network, you might want to check with your IT department to see if they have a preferred way to assign IP numbers so they can give you the right one.

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