How To Print From A Remote Desktop

Whether you’re working in the office or at home, printing is a critical business function — one that shouldn’t be disrupted by distance. Remote printing, made possible by digital technology, helps an organisation streamline their print jobs and maintain efficiency.

– Mastering the remote printer

With benefits such as these, it’s hard to imagine hybrid workflows are going anywhere. In turn, remote desktop services are exceedingly important. Remote printing is an integral part of any modern print infrastructure. But what exactly is remote desktop printing and how does it work?

Imagine you’re working in the office, but need to print somewhere remote. Or, on the other hand, you’re working in the field and need to send a time-sensitive hardcopy to the office. No matter your need, remote print solutions work in all directions.

Remote print is to modern workflows what the fax is to traditional businesses. In essence, remote desktop printing establishes a connection between a computer in one location and a computer and printer in another. That remote connection enables the user to print local documents to the remote location in a matter of seconds.

– Benefits of printing from a remote desktop
For every business challenge, there’s an adequate digital solution. To mitigate the challenge of hybrid working, remote printing has a hoard of essential benefits. Here are the biggest assets that remote print has to offer:

Streamlined productivity: For employees working away from the office or in a separate location from the network printer, remote printing is a vital tool. Critical workflows often depend on a timely print job. Traditionally, sending important paperwork through the mail could take days. Thanks to a remote desktop connection, workers can send important physical documents (like signed paperwork) as fast as possible.

Reduced cost: Many organisations use dedicated VPNs to facilitate their off-network printing needs. Most remote printing services, like Universal Print, eliminate that extra cost. Rather than spend more on VPNs, Universal Print facilitates remote connection via the cloud.

Print security: Sending sensitive paperwork through the mail isn’t only slow, it’s also a security risk if documents go missing. With remote printing, the user can print documents from a local computer to the office where the right hands are waiting to receive them. Likewise, an integrated remote solution lets an organisation track important documents to ensure sensitive information isn’t being improperly printed at home.

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