How To Prepare Your Digital Project For White Ink Printing

For best results with white ink, we recommend building white into your files using these steps:

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

If you intend to use white as its own colour in your design, rather than under another colour, then use this spot colour as you would any other. Simply create a swatch of White Ink and name it. Set it to 1% Yellow if you want to see it as white, or 50% Magenta if you want to see white ink areas as magenta.

If you are using white under any other color then continue through the following steps:

1. For white elements, add a layer on top of all others.
2. Fill/stroke all white elements on the white layer with the White Ink spot. This includes white that prints over or under colour, as well as areas of only white. On these white elements, you can use transparency and opacity.
3. Set all white elements to Overprint Fill and Stroke in Attributes.
Create a channel or spot channel for white ink in Adobe Photoshop and name it White Ink (the channel order does not matter). Then, on that channel, make all white elements black where you want white to appear.

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