How To Maintain A Photocopier

Well-functioning office photocopiers and printers are integral to the smooth flow of daily business.
At Printcom we offer photocopier maintenance and repair service to meet your needs. But how often these are required, as well as the rate of eventual equipment replacement, can be impacted by workplace habits.

– How long can a photocopier last?
The lifespan of an office photocopier, on average, ranges anywhere from 2-10 years. Volume of work and quality of care has a marked impact on the longevity of office equipment.
Below are easy tips for premium photocopier maintenance. Encouraging and educating staff to be conscientious in their care can save your company the cost of repairs, and early equipment replacement.

– Cleaning is paramount
Dust and paper debris are the main offenders when it comes to a reduced lifespan for commercial copiers. Just remember to turn off the power before you begin any cleaning routine.
Certain parts may require a daily dust over. Other interior elements could only need an annual clean. Read the manual carefully to work out the most advantageous cleaning schedule.

– Clean glass
Spray the cleaner onto a cloth, rather than the glass itself, and clean gently. A harsh cloth risks miniscule scratches, so choose soft fabrics.

– Dust inside and out
Overzealous dusting can risk damage. Select cleaning products carefully. A makeup brush or paint brush is a delicate alternative to cloth.

– Train your staff
Not knowing how to correctly use the current model can result in paper jamming and unnecessary reprinting, meaning uninformed staff contribute to a shortened lifespan for office photocopiers and printers.

– Seek professional assistance
Well-meaning DIY staff may cause damage while trying to fix office equipment. Did you know experienced Printcom technicians arrive within four hours in Western Australia to provide printer and copier repairs?

– Don’t rush your machine
Copiers and printers have their own self-maintenance routines, especially when use is erratic. Don’t turn a machine in a test or recalibration mode on and off. These functions exist for a reason.

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