How to Find a Printer Port

In order to print everything as quickly as possible, you can connect all of your wired and wireless printers—for instance, a photo printer, a laser printer, and a multifunction printer—to your computer. Every printer has a port that your computer uses to connect to it, making it simple to locate the port for each printer if you need to troubleshoot it or the connection it has with your computer.

1. Click “Control Panel” after selecting “Start.”

2. To view every printer connected to your computer, click the “View devices and printers” link under Hardware and Sound.

3. To launch the Properties window for a printer, right-click the printer that piques your interest and choose “Printer Properties” from the context menu.

4. Once you’ve located the port, select the “Ports” tab to view the ports that your printer uses before clicking “OK” to close the window.

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