How To Extend the Life of Your Printer

The lifespan of your printer will depend on many different factors – from model and manufacturer to how often it’s used. Just a few simple steps each day can help you avoid many common printer problems and ensure it will last as long as possible. Here are some tips to extend the life of your printer:

1.Clean the Inside of Your Printer
One of the best things you can do to help extend your printer’s lifespan is keeping its interior as clean as possible. Look for excess paper dust or other debris when you open up your printer, and gently wipe debris from your printer. This should take fewer than five minutes, and you only need to do this about once a month. If you use your printers often or are printing on a larger scale – as many businesses do – checking two to three times a month is ideal.

2.Close the Manual Feed Tray When Not in Use
If you print labels or legal-size documents, your printer likely has a manual feed tray. When you’re not using the feed tray, be sure to close it. The tray protrudes from the printer and can easily be knocked over or broken by someone passing by. Consistently folding your tray in and out can sometimes be a hassle, but it’s also one of the easiest steps you can take for preventative maintenance on your printer.

3.Replace Cartridges Before They Dry Up
Don’t wait until your cartridges dry up completely before replacing them. Many low ink or toner warnings go off when there is 20 percent ink or toner left in the cartridge. While it is not necessary to replace the cartridge as soon as you get notified, it is a good idea to plan on replacing it within a few weeks. A dry cartridge leads to wear and tear on your printer head.

4.Be Careful When Replacing Cartridges
Chances are you will be replacing your printer cartridges fairly frequently. Exercise caution while replacing your cartridges. Read the instructions carefully, and be sure not to touch the bottom of the cartridge while replacing it. This can reduce the quality of the print, while also negatively impacting your printer’s overall health.

5.Keep Your Printer in Standby Mode
Constantly switching your printer on and off is not good for the printer. However, if you are not going to use your printer for days at a time, you will want to keep it in standby mode. Printers generate a lot of heat while they are on – even if they are not actively printing. The print header can dry up the cartridge, clogging the header. Leaving your printer on for long periods of time can also cause wear and tear in other areas, so it’s best to keep it in standby mode if you don’t plan to use it for a few days.

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