How to Extend the Life of Printer Toner

When you use your printer on a daily basis to create color-rich, high-quality images and documents for your business, your toner or ink supply will quickly deplete. If you need to use your printer frequently, purchasing new toner cartridges depletes your company’s supply budget. You can save money on cartridges by properly maintaining your printer and toner. You can save toner and money by adjusting your printer’s settings and cleaning the cartridges on a regular basis. A single piece of masking tape can also be used to extend the life of toner cartridges.

1.If you don’t need to print high-quality documents, set your printer to draught or economy mode. This option uses less ink while producing a legible document.

2.Print only when necessary. You may not need a paper copy if you can keep an electronic copy of the document on your computer.

3.Unless you must print in colour, print documents in black and white or grayscale.

4.Replace the font with Century Gothic or Ecofont. These fonts use far less toner than fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.

5.To prevent toner from drying out, use the printer on a regular basis. When cartridge nozzles are not used for an extended period of time, they become clogged.

6.When not in use, turn off the printer. When turned off, the printer keeps the cartridges sealed, preventing the ink from drying out.

7.Once a week, use your printer’s cartridge cleaning tool. Printing that is streaked or misaligned can be corrected with this tool.

8.To extend the life of unused toner cartridges, store them properly. Keep the cartridges in their original packaging until you’re ready to use them. Place the cartridges upright in a cool place.

9.Allow a printing company to handle large jobs, particularly if you need to print a lot of colour images. It may be less expensive to have someone else print the documents for you.

10.When the low toner warning message appears on your printer, gently shake the toner cartridge back and forth. You may be able to print a few more documents as a result of this.

11.Remove the toner from the printer and cover the window or drum with a small piece of masking tape. This disables the low-toner sensor, allowing you to continue printing even when the cartridge is low on toner.

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