How To Choose The Best Photocopier?

1. Choose the Right Brand
The first of course there is to choose the photocopy machine Malaysia from which brand you want to buy. Actually for now almost all brands are very good, depending on you just want to buy a photocopy machine from which brand, perhaps to note is the price difference from the same photocopy machine. Generally people will prefer cheaper prices, this will definitely come back to you as a potential buyer.

2. Notice the Spare Parts and Service Stations
All kinds of machines can certainly be a problem whether itโ€™s mild, moderate to severe. Similarly, a photocopy machine can be a problem for a moment. From that point before deciding to buy a copy machine you must find out if spare parts and service spaces are available from the photocopy machine you purchased. Indeed, each brand has its own service center in Malaysia, not just all the photocopier repair service Malaysia spread throughout the districts / cities, perhaps only in the provincial capital alone, if we are out of the city that showcases us troublesome. Seeing that, of course we have to be smart in choosing photocopy machines with parts and service center support.

3. Select Trusted Distributor
Generally copiers circulating in the market enter Indonesia through distributors and not all distributors are fully responsible for the copy machine they sell. Make sure that the distributor is fully responsible especially to the warranty provided. Make sure the distributor provides clear and appropriate information on the products sold. Also find out the condition of the photocopy machine, whether new, reconditioned or used. Usually the price is quite influential in this regard. So it would be better if you bought a photocopy machine to bring experienced colleagues to get the photocopy machine to your liking. Because it does not rule out the distributors cheat you and give you unqualified items.

4. Ensure Warranty
Warranty is a guarantee given by the seller to the buyer in the event of any damage caused by internal factors such as production errors or assemblies. Guarantee is very important because with warranty we do not have to replace the damaged components with our money, because it has been borne by the seller. Good quality in general is accompanied by a warranty, unless it is a photocopy machine you bought from your account, maybe the warranty has expired.

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